Cherish your products and wave goodbye to unwanted dirt and debris.

Proper care and maintenance preserves the appearance, quality, and functionality of your beloved products. Whether it is a mixer coated in a luxury finish, a composite stone bathtub, an outdoor sofa set or a porcelain tiled surface – with the correct care you can enjoy them for years to come, bringing you a step closer to a sustainable way of living.

Follow our specific product care instructions in our handy guide for guaranteed durability and optimal performance.

Bathroom Product Care

Caring for chrome brassware

Caring for special finish brassware

Cleaning BAGNOQUARTZ & BAGNOTEC stone products

Cleaning and refilling a touchless soap bottle

Cleaning an aerator

General Care

For general care of your BAGNODESIGN and AQUAECO products, follow these simple steps:

  • Always follow care instructions provided with the specific product.
  • Most products can be cleaned using a mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth. Avoid harsh cleaning agents, abrasive pads or cloths and strong chemicals.
  • Spray into cloth, do not spray directly onto product.
  • Use a gentle cleaning action. Avoid vigorous scrubbing.
  • If a specialised cleaner is required, always follow instructions provided. Apply cleaning agent to a cloth, not directly on the product.
  • Always test a new cleaning agent on a small area before applying to whole product, then quickly rinse with water. Use specialised cleaners only on designated area, avoiding contact with other materials.
  • Do not mix cleaning agents.
  • Dry with a soft cloth after cleaning.

For specific product care instructions, see our Care and Maintenance guide below.

Get your BAGNODESIGN & AQUAECO Care and Maintenance guide.

Outdoor Living Product Care


Our powder-coated aluminium is a versatile, rust and weather-resistant choice for outdoor furniture in a variety of colours. Regularly clean with multisurface cleaner or mild detergent and water, using a dry cloth to prevent water spots. Avoid abrasive products or tools that can cause scratches in the coating.

Store or shelter products during extended periods of non-use as prolonged UV exposure can alter the characteristics of the coloured coating.


Teak has excellent weather-resistance and natural variation in colour and texture. To retain its colour, treat the surface with a teak cleaner and protector at least twice a year.

If wood is delivered untreated, treat before use. Without care, teak can develop a silver patina. To restore, sand, polish with a jute cloth, and apply the teak cleaner. Clean minor stains with a soft, lukewarm cloth. If needed, sand the affected surface, polish with the cloth, and apply the teak cleaner.

Ceramics / Porcelain

Ceramic is low-maintenance, resistant to stains, and very hygienic due to its low porous surface. Spills are easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent or multi-surface cleaner. Avoid strong chemicals like abrasive cleaning products. Less maintenance means more time to relax.

Fabric and Ropes

Since fabric and ropes are made of fibres, gentle cleaning is advised. Brush off any dirt and use a non-abrasive cloth with a mild detergent and lukewarm water. For fabrics, wash at 30°C. Avoid the use of harsh detergents or solvents. Rinse with soft pressure water and/or a soft cloth to protect from deterioration. Dry with a cloth or air dry.

Tiles & Slabs Product Care

For routine maintenance and cleaning of your porcelain or ceramic tile/slabs, simply clean using a non-abrasive cloth, water and a neutral detergent. Avoid acid or alkaline additives.

All our tiles and slabs are resistant to dirt commonly found in homes or high-traffic environments, passing the stainability test according to the First Choice Standard.