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Bridging the gap between interior design and fine art, each product in the a-emotional lighting collection by Arturo is designed to inspire a strong emotional response. Every piece is crafted to both command attention and enhance the space in which it is placed, casting distinctive lighting effects and creating a unique atmosphere.

Blending industrial design with fine handmade craftsmanship, the brand’s lighting collections are marked by unique detailing and the use of innovative materials, such as metal mesh, stainless steel thread, pressed cellulose, wood, and glass. With inspiration derived from the beauty of nature, organic forms abound across the collection - from pendants inspired by the ocean with sinuously shifting lines that mimic the constant movement of the tides, to sculptural shapes carved and hand-built from solid wood that aims to evoke the way light falls in a dense forest.

Arturo’s master craftsmen have been producing truly unique pieces for over two decades from the brand’s workshop in Galacia, Spain, using bespoke techniques, personalized tools and one-of-a-kind machinery combined with an innovation mindset, a commitment to quality and by paying attention to even the finest details.

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