As pioneers in the global bioethanol fireplace market, EcoSmart Fire, the multi-award winning brand by the MAD Design Group, sets the benchmarks in design, originality, safety, and sustainability.

We catch up with Simon Cullen, Sales Manager for EcoSmart Fire, to spark a conversation that kindles a deeper understanding of the Australian brand.

What is the history of EcoSmart Fire?

EcoSmart Fire was founded in Australia in 2004, and since then, it has forged its position as a world leader in the design, innovation, and manufacture of ventless bioethanol-fuelled fireplaces. Embraced by design professionals and consumers alike, its designs are found in residences, leading hotels and resorts, commercial premises, and hospitality venues around the globe.

Behind the stylish façade is a sophisticated heating system that uses the cleanest and most efficient fuel source on the market – ethanol. EcoSmart Fire products undergo the most comprehensive safety testing and are listed by third-party laboratories.

Tell us more about your bioethanol fuel and why it is better for the environment.

Ethanol, known as methylated spirits in some parts of the world, is very environmentally friendly. It is a clean-burning, renewable energy source made from renewable sources. This fuel produces a clean, smokeless form of heat, leaving behind a zero-carbon footprint. With no harmful gases, soot, or sparks that require extraction through a flue or chimney, all the heat stays in your room. The result is a real flame ambience without the emissions, smoke, soot, or odour associated with wood-burning fires.

What are the hallmarks of an EcoSmart Fire product?

Versatility is one of our greatest hallmarks. We produce a myriad of fireplace types to offer the ultimate in design freedom for installing fires in indoor or outdoor spaces. For example, we manufacture a wide range of ethanol fireplaces – from freestanding portable fireplaces; zero-clearance fireplace inserts which enable customised, built-in fireplaces to be installed into non-combustible surrounds; and ethanol burners, which can be installed on non-combustible surfaces.

Our Fire Pit Kits, which come in various sizes and styles, are particularly popular as they provide the design freedom and ease of installation necessary to create a custom-designed fire feature for outdoor or indoor settings. These kits come with everything you need to create a tailored, built-in fire pit.

Are EcoSmart Fires easy to clean?

Our products are designed for minimal-fuss maintenance. They do not require regular upkeep, they do not lose colour or corrode after years of use. Ethanol, being a clean-burning renewable energy source, makes maintaining your fire quick and easy. Since all internal parts are stainless steel, they will not deteriorate, unlike some other ethanol fire brands.

To remove traces of dust and ethanol, remove the burner and run it under hot tap water or place it in the dishwasher. Use a vacuum cleaner to clear any surrounding residue around the fire, then wipe the area with a soft, damp, disposable cloth. You can use a mild abrasive product, and clean thoroughly with a wet cloth. These steps ensure your fire burns effectively for many months to come.

For any stainless steel discolouration or simply to restore the shine, use a stainless steel cleaner and a disposable cloth or stainless steel wipe to wipe the surface until you achieve an even shine.

Tell us about your collaboration with SANIPEX GROUP

For over two years, SANIPEX GROUP has been serving as the sole distributor of EcoSmart Fire’s range within the UAE. Our products feature in the Group’s Outdoor Living range

What are the future innovations or novelties for EcoSmart Fire?

Our range of fires continues to evolve, and we continue to introduce new models and series that not only meet demand but also underscore our versatility. Throughout the years, we have collaborated with thousands of designers, architects, builders, developers, homeowners, and operators in the hospitality and commercial sectors to create tailored fire solutions that address the needs of end-users and the types of architectural environments where they are being installed. Our collaborator’s invaluable feedback and ideas have played a significant role in the development of our new fire solutions.

We pride ourselves on providing clean, flueless fire options to the market, and we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new range of electric fires. More to come on this soon!