In the ever-changing landscape of contemporary living, the great outdoors is transcending its conventional boundaries to become an important extension of our indoor spaces. This transformation is happening within personal spaces, like our homes, and shared spaces, such as bars, restaurants, and hotels. 

As the desire to grow a deeper connection to nature increases, the way we entertain at home and beyond is changing the way we style our outdoor spaces – driving a preference for luxurious outdoor furniture, convenient solutions, and innovative amenities.

Luxury Seating Solutions

Emanating the essence of the Mediterranean coast through calming neutrals and stylish shapes, our extensive collection of high-end lounging solutions brings super-chic, indoor-style comfort to the outdoors. Crafted from quality materials like natural teak and powder-coated aluminium, they are resistant to harsh climates and high-traffic environments – making them sustainable investments to be enjoyed for years to come.

When choosing the right seating for various social settings, it is important to consider dimensions and adaptability. Visualise sinking into a luxury daybed, cabana, or sink-in sofa set, with a large seat depth, inviting casual lounging and socialising with friends outside in a large garden, beach bar, hotel pool terrace, or even an outdoor cinema. When it is time to sit upright for lunchtime soirees on the decking, at a beachfront bistro, or just because there is limited space on a small balcony, an armchair, dining chair, or bar stool with a short seat depth provides maximum support and comfort. Well-prepared to meet demand, we have high-stock availability for a variety of settings, be it gardens, luxury balconies, bustling 200-seat restaurants, or lively bars.

Modular seating can be configured in multiple ways to adapt to any sized space like a patio to switch up the outdoor sitting lounge, and portable bean bags make a great choice to pull out on the grass for outdoor movie nights in the backyard under the stars.

Bring it to the Table

Just like seating, the table is the central gathering place for musings, meals, and intimate moments. For hosting guests at home on the patio or within arms’ reach of an outdoor kitchen, opt for a sleek dining tabletop, custom-made from a choice of durable Italian porcelain tiles at our dedicated Slab Fabrication facility in Dubai. Alternatively, for a more laid-back setting, a coffee table and matching side tables provide the perfect platform for a favourite beverage on a large balcony or outside a boutique café.

Want the ultimate wow factor? A fire pit table makes a stunning and aesthetic centrepiece for at-home entertaining, particularly when placed in a sunken patio area for that added drama. Or why not ignite the atmosphere at a harbour view hotel or upmarket beach club? Fuelled by renewable biofuel, these tables produce a cosy, vibrant flame without coal or wood, sparing the hassle of cleaning up. A sleek firepit table can also be custom-made at our Fabrication facility, to match that luxury dining or café table for a complete look.

Accessorise in Style

With the fundamentals in place, the next step is to add the finer details. Soft furnishings like our plush outdoor cushions, throws, and rugs in an array of colours and patterns enhance the indoor vibe, infuse personality, and inject pops of colour. In the pursuit of extending time spent outdoors while safeguarding against sun damage, shade sunbeds, dining areas, and sofa sets with UV-resistant umbrellas.

For plant enthusiasts, groups of various-sized planters offer lush foliage and texture ideal for balconies, poolside areas, or front entrances where ground planting is impractical. In the search for an ultra-chic look, opt for durable porcelain tile planters, that again are expertly produced in our Fabrication facility and available in various stone-effect finishes and sizes. Whether used as dividers to create secluded ‘zones’ within open-plan gardens or hotel garden spaces, or against walls bordering a resort pool area, these planters – potted with feathery palms or otherwise – transform any space into a sophisticated jungle oasis.

Outdoor Kitchen Entertaining

Ever thought of recreating the gourmet experience of a high-end restaurant in the comfort of your own home? An outdoor kitchen is a true game-changer for relishing al fresco dining with family and friends. With SANIPEX GROUP, the ideal kitchen can be custom-made for the garden from our fabrication expertise and extensive range of outdoor kitchen solutions. From multifunctional freestanding barbeque grills to outdoor pizza ovens and refined refrigeration solutions including built-in fridges, freezers, ice makers, and wine coolers, we offer a spectrum of cooking and entertaining possibilities for those memorable experiences.

From grilling the perfect fillet and baking the perfect pizza to attending to those in need of an iced beverage under a cooling umbrella, bringing the exclusive atmosphere of a fine dining restaurant to the home is effortless.

Illuminate with Lighting

Inviting an enchanting glow engages the senses, relaxes the mind, and brightens up moments shared. Outdoor lighting looks good anywhere, in whatever quantity – as long as the IP rating suits the setting. Hanging a cluster of pendant lights in a poolside cabana or café pergola or sprinkling solar lanterns along the garden pathway creates an eclectic, bohemian vibe. Meanwhile, landscape lighting – like wall lighting, down lighting, or pool spotlights – keeps a space minimal, functional, and chic. This holds true for illuminating a private villa or shared space like a hotel poolside or an airport garden.

In elevated settings like restaurant terraces or bar rooftops, ceiling lighting creates a powerful impact, while dimmable table lights draw attention to menu delicacies.

Laying the Foundation

Stone, concrete, and wood-effect porcelain tiles pave the way into 2024 for a clean, modern, and minimal vibe. Their remarkable durability also makes them a sustainable choice. From patio to poolside, the key lies in selecting the right outdoor tile for certain scenarios – whether for the floor or façade. Our floor tiles offer various anti-slip ratings within the same design families. A higher rating ensures better grip underfoot when exiting the pool, while a lower slip rating for the patio ensures smooth continuity throughout for a sleek update.

From creating raised flooring ‘zones’ to dry laying stones upon grass, gravel, or sand, carving out interesting areas for large, open-plan landscapes such as private gardens, restaurant courtyards, or even hospital gardens can easily be achieved. To broaden the capabilities, our production facility offers a range of value-added cutting services such as mosaics, steps, skirting, grooving, profiling, and resizing for areas like pools, and outdoor showers.

Outdoor Shower Retreat

Perfect for before and after swimming, there is nothing more zen and practical than taking a refreshing shower outdoors. Whether for an enclosed shower or an open space surrounded by lush greenery, introducing a tropical resort vibe to the home, or providing functional solutions for leisure pools or communal areas for residential developments is made effortless with a freestanding shower column. Available in a variety of luxurious finishes and crafted from durable materials designed to endure the harshest of climates, selecting the perfect shower for the outside becomes a real treat to the senses.