Núria Molera, Category manager for Outdoor Living and Lighting at SANIPEX GROUP discusses our extensive collection from global partner brands, alongside our full GYMKHANA range as she shares her exclusive top tips for styling residential, commercial, or hospitality spaces with the perfect pieces and adding a touch of flair.

Please introduce the Outdoor Living and Lighting categories.

At SANIPEX GROUP, we proudly offer a wide variety of Outdoor Living and Lighting solutions, catering to diverse design needs within the mid to high-end market. We feature over 20 prominent brands carefully chosen to elevate spaces. From sofas and daybeds to dining sets, decorative lighting, poolside loungers, planters, firepits, and accessories, our products blend exceptional aesthetics with first-rate quality and craftsmanship in durable materials that stand the test of time. Our exclusive designs align with current trends, inspiring designers, architects, and homeowners alike to create the ultimate living experience.

GYMKHANA, our exclusive outdoor living brand, offers comprehensive outdoor living and lighting solutions that interpret the latest industry trends using quality, durable materials resistant to weather and frequent use. From sleek sofa sets and swing chairs to sustainably sourced solid teak dining furniture, alongside high UV umbrellas, lighting, and a great variety of cushions and accessories. We also partner with well-renowned luxurious outdoor living brands such as Talenti, Harbour Outdoors, Jati & Kebon, Royal Botania, and EcoSmart Fire.

In our Lighting category, we feature artisanal brands like A Emotional Light and Hind Rabii to renowned names like Artemide and Flos, offering distinctive and high-quality lighting solutions that transcend their function into beautiful pieces one can be proud to display in their home or commercial setting.

How can customers create the perfect outdoor space, and how has the pandemic influenced the way we live in these spaces?

An increasing tendency seen over recent years is to bring indoor comfort outdoors. The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our lifestyle, emphasising the importance of private outdoor spaces as safe havens for cherished moments with loved ones. To embrace this trend, start with a plush outdoor sofa set and complement with a matching or contrasting coffee table. You can effortlessly build your look with accessories like rugs, planters, and cushions in various colours and patterns.

Thanks to a broader array of design styles, lighting has also found its way outdoors. The right solutions in warm Kelvin ratings create the perfect ambience, extending daytime soirees into the evening with ease. For that extra wow factor, consider a sleek ethanol fireplace for cosy moments around the fire.

With the increasing desire to invest in luxury outdoor living pieces in durable materials like teak, we are catering to a growing number of private villas, delivering quality products as customers place their trust in our discerning choices.

Recreating a welcoming atmosphere in your personal space is made convenient with our swift delivery service for projects of any size so you can receive your products where and when you want them. Individual retail customers and contract clients across the UAE can enjoy 48hr delivery.

What are the key materials used in your outdoor furniture to ensure durability while remaining sustainable?

At SANIPEX GROUP, we are committed to playing our part in creating a more sustainable future. We proudly incorporate weatherproof materials and sustainable innovations into our Outdoor Living category to ensure our products stand the test of time – a key aspect when we talk about sustainability.

Illustrating a noteworthy case, our Outdoor Living solutions including GYMKHANA umbrellas, Harbour side tables, and Talenti sofas were supplied to Abu Dhabi’s iconic Emirates Palace Mandarin Hotel, chosen for their durability in direct sunlight, salt air, and high-traffic areas.


Materials commonly featured in our collections:

Powder-Coated Aluminium: The most resistant metal to corrosion. Its powder coating aesthetically enhances and adds an extra layer of protection. As a bonus, aluminium is recyclable and requires just 5% of the energy needed for initial production.

Hardwood: We exclusively use hardwood for our furniture – mainly teak, which is sourced from sustainable plantations. Due to a dense and complex structure, hardwoods offer a superior level of strength and durability.

Fabrics: We partner with reputable brands like Sunbrella (US), Agora (Spain), and Mario Sirtori (Italy). These fabrics are waterproof, UV, and mould resistant and are easy to clean, so we recommend getting removable linings to facilitate proper maintenance.

Quick Dry Foam: To ensure the longevity of our outdoor sofas, we choose pieces with quick-dry foam. Water and mould resistant, its open-cell structure promotes excellent airflow, allowing cushions to dry rapidly.


What spaces can your lighting be applied? Are your products energy-efficient?

SANIPEX GROUP offers a choice of options for residential and commercial use, including bathroom, living room, outdoor, and landscape lighting. For instance, a row of pendant lights by A Emotional Light can spotlight a kitchen island or dining table in the home, while a table lamp from Flos or Zafferano can illuminate a restaurant menu without the disturbance of a bright light.

Consider the IP rating to determine where your lighting piece can be installed. For example, J. Adams & Co wall sconces with a splash proof IP44 rating elevate a bathroom mirror. A Contardi pendant with an IP65 rating can resist dust and water exposure outdoors, while IP64 solar-powered and LED rechargeable lanterns from Les Jardin and Talenti can happily sit in a beach bar or private garden.

For clients seeking high-end statement pieces, our decorative chandeliers and ceiling lights from brands like Porta Romana, Hind Rabii, and Vistosi are ideal. We recommend placing these pieces in a hotel lobby or a spiral staircase where they deserve to be noticed. For commercial projects, especially in hospitality, many of the Group’s lighting solutions are customisable to meet specific aesthetic and functional requirements within a space.

In keeping with the switch to LED within the Lighting industry, we offer low-energy LED light fittings, which help reduce energy bills and time spent on maintenance. Most of our lights also feature a dimming system, providing an extra layer of energy efficiency.