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The most memorable stories in life come from beautiful encounters... Like when a kitchen ambient meets an Elleci sink, synthesis of style, beauty, and benefits. The evolution of kitchen worktop materials gave the interior design various hints for the project of new living universes. Elleci suggests the right solution for the kitchen you have in mind: different collections, different materials, different colours.

Elleci research has always aimed to offer cutting-edge materials both for aesthetics and for performance. Keratek Plus allows total freedom of colour expression, giving the possibility to create infinite stylistic compositions in accord with the most up-to-date finitions. Keratek Plus is the innovative Elleci patented material, suitable for contact with food, which allows combining performance and aesthetics. With Keratek Plus, colours come alive: 100% high definition for an incredible visual experience, with colours that never fade and aesthetic integration between the sink, the working top and the kitchen.

Its special formulation based on a blend of acrylic resins and ceramic nanoparticles makes the surface of the bowl extremely smooth, easy to clean and particularly resistant to thermal shocks and shocks.

Essentiality, style, elegance, and sophistication are the keywords through which the functional design is expressed. Care and attention to style details such as minimal radius, the slim overflow make each product a piece of sophisticated design, able to enhance the character of the domestic space.

You can choose amongst our products also from their way of installation, the standard built-in solution and the undermount one.

Featured collections

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Quadra Undermount

Quadra Undermount Sink 380mm

580 x 440 mm
Quadra Undermount

Quadra Undermount Sink 580mm

760 x 440 mm
Quadra Undermount

Quadra Undermount Sink 760mm

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