Training & Development

Attaining valuable skills and new experiences is a big part of well-being. With our dedicated Training and Development team, we are fully invested in creating an environment in which our professionals can grow with us.

What Our Employees Say

“Being with SANIPEX GROUP for over 20 years, I have witnessed the great growth of our business and myself and have each and every moment working here. SANIPEX GROUP is more than just a company for me, it is my family. What makes the company successful is the management support and strong leadership. With a high understanding of technology leading the way for the future, it is in the very fabric of its business development.”

Fadi Al Harah IT Director


"I consider myself extremely fortunate to have witnessed how SANIPEX GROUP has evolved since I first joined the company over 20 years ago. I have seen the business grow from being a supplier of high-quality European bathroom and plumbing solutions across the MENA region, to the global entity it is today with a vastly expanded portfolio, client base, and geographic reach. Being part of such a dynamic business is both exciting and personally fulfilling."

Julie Astbury Marketing Manager (MEA)


“I have been working with SANIPEX GROUP for the last 15 years. It has been a wonderful journey since I started in 2008 as a warehouse assistant. Over the years, I have transitioned through different roles within the warehouse and currently hold the position of Manager for Warehouse Operations. The company has always given importance to the employee’s growth. I am very grateful to be working alongside excellent management and colleagues.”

Rohith Chandran Assistant Manager – Warehouse Operations


"Having joined the company 16 years ago, I have found an environment that blends corporate professionalism with a strong sense of community. My clients have also been a big source of inspiration, bringing forth well-thought-out ideas, that have helped shaped me into a well-informed ambassador for our products.”

Jane Ndung’u Key Accounts & Specification Manager


“As a showroom designer, I manage all displays across the showrooms in the Middle East. Every day is different: I love the variety, working with beautiful products, and being able to travel for global exhibitions. Having been a part of SANIPEX GROUP for seven years, it has been a steady trajectory of growth for me career-wise and it has been an honour to watch the company grow from strength to strength. It may sound cliché, but the SANIPEX team is like a family!”

Melissa Gray Showroom Designer


“I have eight years of experience as the coffee connoisseur at the SANIPEX GALLERY showrooms. If I can change someone’s day with a thoughtful action that puts a smile on their face or a coffee that puts the energy back into their step, I have done my job right. What I enjoy most about my time at SANIPEX GROUP is the connection created with the people around me.”

Estaban Baluyo Senior Showroom Barista